TV Show Fail

A lot of you have been wondering where we’ve been.

Last May we moved to L.A. to develop a tv show based on our web series.

While we WERE successful at ding-dong ditching Kato Kaelin, purchasing Universal Studios, starting our own winery, and shooting the “longest world’s basketball shot” we just found out last week that we were NOT successful at selling our show.

(Even more depressing, we still haven’t found a single sponsor for our fishing show.  What are we doing wrong here?).

At the moment we’re super excited to be headed back to Bloomington to create the videos that you’ve been missing.  Expect the return of Goggles Guy, Terri Nuessle, “the kid,” and more (as well as an incredibly famous guest star in our next video).

We also plan on bringing you:

-Many more food reviews on our new series “The Skinny.”

-A possible Bloomington Bros. movie.

-A rock opera based on the music of Poison.

Even though this end result wasn’t what we set out to achieve, we still consider our last year in Hollywood a huge success.  We were super lucky just to have this opportunity which has opened countless doors for future opportunities.  For that we’d like to thank:

Robb Buzzini for discovering us online two years ago and paving the way for the wildest ride of our lives.

Molly Mandel for believing in us and also being the person to finally push this project through, saving us from development purgatory.  If she hadn’t come along, we’d probably still be in a conference room right now starting from scratch again.  This chick was a miracle.

Sam Hansen for sticking with us this whole time and always pushing us to make things better.

Wendy Willis for sticking up for us (and for Prince) when need be.  One of us has a crush on you.

Rob Cohen for teaching us more about tv writing in one week than film school taught us in four years.  Consider us massively-humbled, sir.

John Elliott for taking a chance on two no-names from Bloomington, MN with only one semi-viral video.

Seth Morris, Kate Micucci, Paul Rust, Chad Carter, James Adomian, Rick Overton and ESPECIALLY Jake Szymanski for their time and talents.

Mike Farah and

Sarah Schneider and

Christie Smith and Michael Lasker.

Our parents and Meredith.

Natalie Kane.

Chris Bruss, Charlyne Yi, Dave Horwitz, Ryan Jones, Dayna McTavish, Thuy-Van Nguyen, and Sarah Peters.

Swardson, Kato, Pauly, Lupita, and Jimmy Fucking Miller.

And finally, you, for continuing to watch and share our videos.  You’ve proven that there is an audience for our brand of humor and made the last year a possibility for us.


Matt and Ross


5 thoughts on “TV Show Fail
  1. Wow, that was a huge disappointment for me. I would have totally loved a Bloomington Bros series… eh, at least you are not giving up. I hope in the future you’ll have a possibility to prove your worthiness for television!

    Best wishes from Hungary

  2. Not even close to a fail.

  3. I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out. I’m not sorry to hear you’re gunna make new videos.
    Your videos resonate most with me when they’re simple. The car rides, the idiotic schemes, the childlike signs “kidnap me” or “Autistic Child Area (and middle-aged guy)” I love that shit.

    Whatever videos you do make, though, I’ll be watching them.

  4. I think I’m offended :)

  5. Sorry to hear about LA guys. I look forward to seeing more of your videos online. You guys rock!!! Keep up the great work!!

    On a side note, every time I hear Photograph by Nickelback, I think of you guys.

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