The Bloomington Bros. Web Series

Featuring Matt Houchin and Ross McNamara


The Bloomington Bros. are/is the sketch comedy duo of Matt Houchin & Ross McNamara. We are currently a partner channel of the Above Average Network.  Above Average is Broadway Video’s newest venture for featuring original short form comedy, including talent and writers from favorites such as Saturday Night Live, 30 Rock, The Lonely Island and the best of YouTube (that’s us!).

We got our “break” on the internet when CollegeHumor posted our video of us performing our re-worked version of Nickelback’s ‘Photograph.’  See below.


Click here to download “Photograph” on mp3!

Since then we have worked for FunnyOrDie in Los Angeles, where we also developed and shot a TV pilot based on our web series.

Currently we are excited to be a part of the Above Average Network and to be continuing to shoot new sketches.


BACKGROUND: The Bloomington Brothers (or Bloomington Bros.) web series started out as a one off video making fun of popular high school kids.  It grew into a full blown, never ending comedy web series.  Then a TV pilot.

So whether you’ve only seen our cover of Nickelback’s Photograph, or you’ve watched every behind the scenes video we’ve ever made – thanks for checking out our site.  Now that you’re here, your browser should be unable to visit any other websites.  We’ve really worked hard to put some cool stuff on our page though, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem for you.  If it is a problem, just hit control alt delete a whole bunch.

If you are confused as to what a “Bloomington Bro” is, here is the skinny: they can be found in the affluent southwest suburbs of Minneapolis clad in frayed-baseball hats, hemp necklaces, and lots of Abercrombie. They listen to Dave Matthews, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, etc., and are known for frequently performing impromptu covers of said artists’ songs without irony, especially at Young Life retreats or in the basements of friends’ houses where there is a guitar handy.